What’s cooler than a Yeti cooler? How about a stream of streams?

Dosewallips River
Jesse Stephens/Getty Images

The Yeti company was already cool in our book for making some of the best drink storage chests and water bottles around—it’s rare that we spend more than a few hours outside without one of their products.

But now, because we can’t go to the wilderness, Yeti is bringing the wilderness to us with a service they call Yeti+. It’s a series of streaming videos of streaming bodies of water, from a babbling brook in Texas to a fast-moving gusher in British Colombia. 

Some of the bodies of water are wide, some can be stepped across, and one is fed by a waterfall. What all the 10-minute clips have in common is that they all are extremely relaxing. Nothing can take the place of being out in nature IRL, but we think these videos are a welcome dose of Zen at a time when we all could use a little relaxation. 

Yeti says the stream streams won’t be up forever, but they’re free while they’re around.