Facial recognition + smart security tech = peace of mind

Lighthouse AI Smart Security System
Courtesy of Lighthouse AI

Apple wowed last year with the facial recognition feature of the iPhone X, which allows users to unlock the phone simply by looking at it. Now, start-ups are working to use similar technology to keep you safe.

Lighthouse AI recently released its first home security camera, which is equipped with a 3D sensor and advanced computer vision that allows the camera to see the world as humans do. Unlike other cameras, which work two-dimensionally, Lighthouse AI can tell the difference between moving shadows and actual intruders, and can also recognize family members, pets, and close friends, alerting homeowners via phone message when a “stranger” approaches. Thanks to its natural language processing features, the device acts like an intelligent fly on the wall, allowing homeowners to set alerts for things like grocery delivery and even live check-ins of at-home activity via two-way talking features.

The technology was created by an innovative team of Stanford-educated engineers who have spent their entire careers in Artificial Intelligence, and whose past projects include Google Street View and self-driving cars.

For $299, plus a monthly $10 service cost (or one-time service fee of $200), homeowners can go the extra mile to keep their home protected and patrolled, with a system that founders say is 99-plus percent accurate.

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