Home decor just got a lot more hands-on with this cutting-edge device

Glowforge 3D Printer
Courtesy of Glowforge

In need of a new wall shelf to store your growing collection of books? Try designing your own, and watch it materialize in the comfort of your own home. A cutting-edge 3D laser printer called Glowforge gives creative power to anyone with a need and a vision, and it’s unlike anything the home improvement world has seen.

The revolutionary system prints on, cuts, and engraves a host of household materials, including leather, wood, fabric, metal, glass, ceramic, and even chocolate, so the possibilities of what to make are endless.

For beginners, Glowforge offers a catalog of designs for things like jewelry, containers, and lighting, taking the guesswork out of gifting and Etsy orders. For those with a more specific design in mind, the printer links up with the web browser on your computer and software like Adobe Illustrator to register your own designs and bring them to life. The system is also equipped with a camera that allows you to preview the designs in your space in real-time.

“We designed the Glowforge 3D laser printer to unlock people’s creativity,” explains Founder and CEO, Dan Shapiro, who made the machine’s first prototypes from the drawings of his two young children. “200 years ago, if you wanted something, you either made it yourself or you found someone who knew how to make it. We set out to re-invent the idea of ‘homemade.'”

Our DIY imaginations are running wild. Models range from $2,495-$5,995, and are available online.