Here’s why French brand Opinel is a favorite of both home chefs and pros.

Opinel Number 8 Folding Knife
Courtesy of Opinel

In the world of knives and culinary tools, few brands have the timeless utilitarian cool of Opinel. You likely have seen their No. 8 carbon steel folding knife, either at the Museum of Modern Art or at the farmer’s market or being wielded by an off-duty chef, or you might have been gifted one when you became old enough to own a knife. It’s that kind of knife. The rounded wooden handle and elegant simplicity of its design make it a standout in the world of tools and gear. But beyond the knife, there’s an arsenal of equally beautiful and practical tools that the French company has added to its line, from camp utensils to garden gear that will set you up for summer. 

Six Reasons to Add an Opinel to Your Knife Block

(Or toolbox, or picnic basket, or garden shed…)

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