Light, capable, and comfortable, La Sportiva’s versatile TX Hike Mid GTX is the ultimate hiking boot for trail and travel. Here are the top five reasons why.

Hikers Under a Sandstone Arch
Patitucci Photo/ Courtesy of La Sportiva

As any traveler who likes to explore the great outdoors knows, dialing in the proper footwear for each activity is key. But bringing a different pair of shoes or boots for every occasion is a major pain. Trust us, we know. When we’re putting together the magazine, various activities like scrambling over rocks, jumping creeks, hoofing across vineyards, and tramping down city streets are all part of the job, and we need footwear to tackle anything a trip throws at us. Which is exactly the kind of functionality you’ll need from the shoes you bring on your next trip.

One lesson we’ve learned is that a good lightweight pair of hiking boots will perform in more situations than any other style of footwear. On a recent road-trip photo shoot for the magazine, we put La Sportiva’s TX Hike Mid GTX to the test and fell in love with them for their lightweight, technical prowess and extreme comfort. And the fact that they’re made from recycled and environmentally-friendly materials makes us feel good about putting them on and hitting the road.

Here are five takeaways from our test trip that will guarantee you a picture-perfect outing wherever you go this summer.

They’re Travel-Ready 

Packing light while still being well equipped is a sweet spot you want to hit whether you’re flying or road tripping, and the TX Hike Mid GTX strikes that perfect balance. Weighing in at a well-built but light 17.5 ounces, these are shoes you’ll feel confident throwing in the trunk or lacing up at the start of the day (which the mountaineering-style harness lacing system makes super easy). Yes you could pack one pair of shoes for jogging, one for travel days, and one for sightseeing in the city, or bring the TX Hike Mid GTX and you’ll be set for all three types of activities—and will still have extra room to pack a nice pair of shoes for a night out. 

Patitucci Photo/ Courtesy of La Sportiva

They Can Take Any Type of Trail You Throw at Them

Despite their sleek good looks they shine on any type of trail. On our road trip we put them through their paces on dusty, slopey single-track desert trails near Joshua Tree, muddy piney woods in Big Sur, and slippery tide pools in Cayucos, and they excelled in each and every setting: The heel brake gripped the trail on descents, the tread stabilized us in the mud, and the waterproof materials kept us dry. Plus the hybridized hiking/trail running-inspired design has enough flex to allow you to jog when you feel like it. But with a super durable upper and support they’re backpack-ready and provide a solid foundation for whatever load you’re carrying. 

Did We Mention They’re Comfortable?

The TX Hike Mid GTX’s lightweight and more generously sized comfort-fit last and cooling Air Mesh upper make them ridiculously comfortable so you can wear them all day without a second thought.

They Can Transition from Country to City

With a subdued and stylish colorway and low-profile design, the shoes are suitable for long days exploring cafes and wine-tasting rooms. Sturdy they are, but chunky they are not. True story: On one day of our photo shoot we wore them to scramble up a cliff to get the perfect shot then went straight to a bistro for a semi-fancy lunch and were treated like kings. 

They Make You Feel Good About Hitting the Road

The boots are not only comfortable and capable, they’re also environmentally responsible: The nylon laces and webbing are recycled, the midsole and outsole contain 5- and 30-percent recycled materials respectively, and the lining is made of eco-friendly Bluesign® certified Gore-Tex®. Minimizing our impact on nature while enjoying it is a key principle of how we travel and the La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX is the ideal foundation for your next adventure.