Houseplant, the brand co-founded by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, offers hybrid homeware products and more.

Seth Rogen portrait
Rich Fury/Getty Images for Vulture

You may know actor Seth Rogen for his roles in blockbuster hits like Superbad, Knocked Up, Step Brothers, or Pineapple Express, but he’s sharing a new side of himself with the public: his love for pottery. While many of us picked up new skills during the pandemic that required little to no other human interaction, Rogen dove into pottery headfirst and started sharing his creations across social media

The vibrant orbs and neon-colored vases don’t mark the first time Rogen tried his hands at the wheel. When we chatted with him about his recent business ventures in pottery and design, he shared that his wife has had a longtime passion for the art form since high school and got him into classes a few years ago. 

For so long, weed has lived under your coffee table, in the sock drawer, or hidden someplace else, and I don’t think it deserves that.

Seth Rogen

After hours designing at his own wheel, and poring over different glazes and shapes for “products that I could not find anywhere, but genuinely wanted to have in my own home,” Rogen and co-founder Evan Goldberg set out to launch Houseplant, a collection of smoker-friendly accessories that go beyond your typical match strikes and table lighters with modern design. 

The collections also include artist collaborations, such as with Montana-based potter Adam Field, vinyl sets curated by Rogen and Goldberg to play while relaxing, and a lamp with a marble base and built-in ashtray. Whether you’re looking to take a smoke break, hoping to find a design-forward but functional place to lay down your incense or sage, or have been trying to get your hands on an old-school table lighter to no avail, the Houseplant team has you covered. 

Seth Rogen creating Houseplant ashtray


With multiple collections released since launching early last year, the brand is churning out pieces inspired by ’70s and ’80s “aesthetic principles” as mentioned on its site. We chatted with Rogen to gain a deeper understanding of his relationship with pottery, collaborations for the blossoming brand, and what we can expect from Houseplant in the future. 

Who are your favorite potters in the West? 

I admire a bunch of different potters. A lot of my recent work is influenced by (American artist) Ken Price, specifically with his signature textures and explosions of color. 

Where did you find inspiration for the collections?

A lot of the pieces were inspired by my own life, and the things I wish existed sooner. For example, the Block Table Lighter is something I personally wanted more than anything, as someone who loses lighters more than anyone I know. We wanted to create items that were both beautiful and functional. Each piece is also somewhat nostalgic and inspired by the aesthetics of the ’70s and ’80s.

What was the first piece you designed for Houseplant?

The Ashtray Set by Seth was the first thing I designed for Houseplant, and it features everything I was looking for in an ashtray but couldn’t find. I continued on this journey of creating products that I could not find anywhere but genuinely wanted to have in my own home. We went through dozens of iterations as far as size, shape, glaze, and many other factors went. It took a while to land on the designs we landed on because we wanted to get them just right. 

houseplant seth rogen ashtray
Houseplant’s Ashtray Set in sand


Is there a gap in the market you’re trying to fill?

I’ve been smoking weed for a long time, and I quickly realized there was a void in the market for beautiful, thoughtfully designed objects for people like me. For so long, weed has lived under your coffee table, in your sock drawer, or hidden someplace else, and I don’t think it deserves that. With Houseplant, we wanted to create innovative products that people could proudly display in their homes. We are really trying to consider people who appreciate weed and the positive effect it can have on people’s lives in a way that they have not considered before.

How did you start working with Montana potter Adam Field

This collaboration began with a friendship between Adam and me, based on mutual respect for each other’s handiwork behind the pottery wheel. I have admired Adam’s work for a while. His unique carving technique really piqued my interest and is something I thought would be great to bring to Houseplant. The goal of our Houseplant’s Presents program is to give artists and creators that I personally know and love a platform to showcase their incredible work.

What is the evolution of pieces created through artist collaborations? 

Each of Houseplant’s artist collaborations starts with my original ashtray design, and then the artists add their own unique styles. Adam added his amazing carving technique to create a really gorgeous product that is completely handmade out of porcelain. 

houseplant oil lamp and table lighter
Houseplant’s Oil Lamp


You also have a line of “Housegoods.” How do you plan to expand?

For the future of our Housegoods line, we’re thinking beyond the weed smoker and venturing into interiors in general. We want to be the thing on your coffee table or in your living room that immediately stands out and adds something unique to your space like lamps, for example. Everything we make has been carefully thought out and meticulously crafted with the user in mind, and they are all designed to weave seamlessly into your lifestyle.

What’s next from Houseplant? 

We look forward to continuing to build Houseplant at the crux of cannabis and design, expanding to release products that aren’t just exciting to the cannabis smoker, but for anyone interested in interiors and unique centerpieces. Continuing to educate and advocate for underrepresented communities is one of my personal priorities as well, as there is still a lot of disparity in the cannabis industry.