Courtesy of CatastrophiCreations

Do some pet pampering this season with sweet treats, toys, and other gifts for all the pups and kitties (and chickens, and bees, and more) in your life

Kate Wertheimer  – November 13, 2019 | Updated December 10, 2019

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Ruffwear Climate Change Pullover

Courtesy of Ruffwear

Keep your pup warm in this new fleece sweater with a stretchy lower panel that traps heat and repels moisture. It’s lightweight and quick-drying, has a reflective strip for nighttime activities, and packs down small for on-the-go adventures.

Climate Change Pullover from Ruffwear, $50

KATRIS Modular Cat Tree Bundle

Courtesy of KATRIS

Mix it up with these stackable blocks, each made with more than 200 sheets of recyclable, heavy-duty paperboard, ideal for serious scratchers. Build a cat tree, bookshelf, coffee table and more—then switch it up when you or your feline friend get bored.

Modular Cat Tree Bundle from KATRIS, $230

Adventure Medical Kits Trail Dog Medical Kit

Courtesy of Adventure Medical Kits

Don’t leave the trailhead without this handy kit, with provisions catered to care for the most common canine injuries, such as paw protection, tick and splinter removers, and an assortment of wound dressings. 

Trail Dog Medical Kit from Adventure Medical Kits, $25

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

Courtesy of Sure Petcare

The Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect has integrated scales that accurately weigh each food serving. You can use it with the Sure Petcare app to monitor how much your pet eats and to identify changes in feeding behavior—which may indicate a change in your pet’s health.

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Sure Petcare SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, $180

K&H Pet Products Honeybee Waterer

Courtesy of K&H Pet Products

Help keep your hive hydrated without having to fly far from home to find a water source. This waterer mimics a natural beehive shape and has a foam insert to protect your beloved bees from accidental drowning.

Honeybee Waterer from K&H Pet Products, $60

Qalo Dusk Wild One Silicone Dog ID Tag

Courtesy of Qalo

This silicone tag offers both form and function; It’s stylish and low-profile, and keeps your dog’s collar quiet while he runs amok. The tag is scratch-resistant and can hold up to six lines of personalization, free of charge.

Silicone Dog ID Tag from Qalo, $25

PetSafe Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy

Courtesy of PetSafe

The Zoom uses two lasers (more fun for more cats, if you’ve got ’em) that rotate 360 degrees in fun patterns with minimal electronic buzz. It’s hands-free, uses three AA batteries, and shuts off automatically after 15 minutes so as not to overstimulate your kitty—what could be easier?

Rotating Laser Cat Toy from Chewy, $21.21

Happy Hen Nesting Blends Relaxation Blend

Courtesy of Happy Hen Nesting Blends

Sprinkle a handful of this soothing blend into your chickens’ coop or nesting boxes to keep them relaxed and happy, whether they eat the flowers and herbs or just enjoy the aroma of rosemary, lavender, mint, calendula, chamomile, and more. Bonus: The bag is compostable!

Happy Hen Nesting Blends Relaxation Blend from Etsy, $18

Ware of the Dog Color Block Nylon Puffer Jacket

Courtesy of Ware of the Dog

Because pups need puffers too. We love the color-blocked look, water-repellant fabric, and zipper flap pocket on the back, perfect for storing treats.

Nylon Puffer Jacket from Ware of the Dog, $74

Niteangel Hamster Suspension Bridge

Courtesy of Amazon

Made of real wood, this bendy little bridge can be twisted into lots of shapes to challenge and delight your little fluffy friends. Not only does it increase exercise and exploration, this bridge also encourages instinctual chewing urges and keeps tiny teeth trimmed and healthy.

Hamster Suspension Bridge from Amazon, $9

Aesop Animal Wash

Courtesy of Aesop

Use this wash on your dog or cat and they’ll smell better than you (or just like you, if you splurge on Aesop products for yourself). Key ingredients include lemon rind, tea tree leaf, and spearmint leaf.

Animal Wash from Aesop, $39

Filson Collapsible Dog Bowl

Courtesy of Filson

A most stylish water dish, made of waxed canvas with a nylon lining, that packs down small (or clips to your pack) and only looks better with wear.

Collapsible Dog Bowl from Filson, $40

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Courtesy of Petstages

This interactive toy features colorful balls in a stacked, three-level play station, enough to keep your cat happy for hours whether you’re home or not. The non-skid pads keep the toy stable so your cat doesn’t get spooked by her own enthusiasm.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy from Chewy, $8

Noble Camper 2-in-1 Ultralight Travel Dog Bed

Courtesy of Noble Camper

This super light, super compressible dog bed transforms into a sleeping bag for extra-cold nights to keep your adventure pup warm on camping trips. It even has three stakeout loops so you can secure the bed to the ground on windy days.

2-in-1 Ultralight Travel Dog Bed from Noble Camper, $159

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax

Courtesy of Chewy

Ultimate paw protection without the annoying booties. The natural, moisturizing formula (including white and yellow beeswax and vitamin E) means no more sand, snow, or ice stuck between your pup’s toes or on her paw pads; and not only protecting, but also soothing paws that may already be sore.

Natural Dog Wax from Chewy, $13

CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod-Bridge

Courtesy of CatastrophiCreations

Tack up this sweet little hanging bridge and your cat will have a new place to splay out—and you’ll have countless cute photo opportunities.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Bridge from Etsy, $170

Jeffers Ranch Hand Animal Soap

Courtesy of Jeffers

The best soap we’ve come across for horses (or any ranch animal, really), Jeffers uses coffee for exfoliation and bentonite clay to promote healthy skin and hair. The soap comes in a burlap pouch (with a wrist strap!), perfect for a deep scrub right down to the skin, and is a natural flea and tick killer. 

Ranch Hand Animal Soap from Jeffers, $8 Bel Air Raincoat

Courtesy of

Ripstop material makes this little coat super-resistant to both tears and water. Adjustment straps on the top and bottom make it an easy fit, and reflective strips are a great safety precaution on nighttime walks. The coat comes with a stylish pouch you can clip to your leash if you think rain is imminent on your next outing.

Bel Air Raincoat from, $50

Happy Dog Beer Co. Four-Pack

Courtesy of Happy Dog Beer Co

How great would it be if the next time you cracked a cold one, your dog could join you? The folks at Happy Dog Beer Co. have made that dream a reality with their handcrafted beer just for pups, made with nutritious bone broth and bottled up just like real beer. Now you just need to figure out which flavor your pup prefers: Irresistable Pooch Ale IPA (free-range chicken) or Dubble Dog Dare Ya (grass-fed beef). 

Four-Pack from Happy Dog Beer Co, $40