Something lost, something gained in Editor-in-Chief Matt Bean’s July/August 2019 editor’s letter

Chef Gomez

The phone slipped into the water like a diver—just a swip! as it pierced the surface. The ocean giveth, the ocean taketh your iPhone. And so it goes. 

This was meant to be a sea-foraging excursion, fodder for a risotto we’d be whipping up later. But each cast of the net sent the crabs scuttling, eyes rolled like a teenager’s. 

We chased them until the phone surrendered to the abyss. Somewhere, Poseidon pumped his fist. There was nothing to do but thrust our hands blindly into the froth for this new prey. The contours of the phone eluded us; not so much the urchin spines. 

Chef Gomez was the “lucky” angler. Blood poured down his wrist, his hands purple with urchin ink as he raised the phone aloft. Was it the catch of the day? Try the risotto for yourself first and then let’s talk. We’ll always remember the day, phones or not.

This issue represents a sea change for Sunset. We’ve got a fresh coat of paint meant to simplify the look and feel of the magazine (Thanks, Clark!). And we’re debuting Ask Sunset, meant to answer all of your questions about life in the West. 

We’re also thrilled to present our first annual guide to the waters of the West. No matter where you’re taking the plunge this summer, you’ll find loads of tips, tricks, and advice in this issue. 

One piece of wisdom? Be careful what you fish for.