The list spans genres, from literary fiction to mystery to nonfiction.

Books by Black Authors 2024
Courtesy of Amazon

There are a lot of ways you can honor Black History Month—learning, donating to worthy causes, and supporting Black-owned businesses are all great ways to do it. This month is also the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in art and culture, and picking up a book by a Black author is a good place to start.

For some reading suggestions, Goodreads compiled a list of the most popular new (published within the last year) and highly anticipated books by Black authors, according to its users. These are the books that many Goodreads members have added to their want-to-read shelves. And you’ll see from the list that it spans many genres, like literary fiction, mystery, nonfiction, and romance.

Take a look at the recommendations below to read for this month and beyond.

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