Join us in Los Angeles for a day of music, tech, art, and design, with ice cream and cocktails—all free!

Outpost Festival crowds
Outpost Festival

Here at Sunset, we take summer seriously: It’s not just another season in the sun—it’s a full-on justification for camping, barbecuing, exploring, relaxing, and simply luxuriating more than we usually do. (Which is already, frankly, a lot.) And that’s why we’re kicking it off properly, at Outpost, a progressive cultural festival taking place June 1 at Rolling Greens, a huge and quirky home and garden center in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Outpost is kind of overwhelmingly ambitious: Music! Food! New technology! Drinks! Art & design! We’ll be there alongside tastemakers like the geek-music label iHeartComix, the tech news mavens of Digital Trends, the cannabis brand PRØHBTD, a little web-commerce company you might have heard of called Shopify, and loads of other folks we admire and are psyched to meet ourselves. Oh yeah, and there’ll be performances by Porches and Ana Roxanne, plus a DJ set by Neon Indian.

And what do we have for you? It’s called Camp Sunset, and it’s a mix of workshops, panel discussions, and ways to just chill out and have a good time. Among other things, we’ve got: 

The Chill Zone: We’re living in the golden age of locavore ice cream, with seasonal ingredients and toppings adding up to something like 31,000 flavors. Festival attendees can kick back in our curated ice cream lounge while innovators like Sweet Rose Creamery and Salt & Straw scoop up the season all day long.

The Garden-to-Glass Workshop: When bar chef Matthew Biancaniello isn’t mixing up wild arugula gimlets at the Hollywood Roosevelt, he’s combing the hills and beaches of Southern California for infusions and garnishes to incorporate into his mind-blowing mixology. Here Biancaniello will mix up a three-course menu of cocktails that incorporate ingredients native to L.A. and show guests how to add garden-fresh and foraged ingredients to their cocktail repertoire. Anyone fancy a Seaweed Old Fashioned?

Why Adventure Matters: The word adventure and Los Angeles may not often go hand in hand, but a handful of SoCal companies are on the front line of changing that. With Sunset executive editor Jen Murphy as moderator and panelists such as Michelle Race of Black Girls Trekkin’ and Amanda Caloia of EverWild, we’ll explore why adventure is so important, why it’s vital to push our boundaries, and where we can find those opportunities right nearby.

Guerrilla Tacos Ceviche Popup: Ride-or-die taco truck impresario turned DTLA taco king Wes Avila will bust out his volcanic molcajete, smash up fresh salsas, and demonstrate the raw power of freshly made ceviche tostadas.

Natural-Wine SMACKDOWN! If you’ve raised a glass of “natty” wine to your lips, you know what the hype is about. But what are we really talking about when we talk about natural wine—one of the most polarizing topics in wine today? Is it simply minimal-intervention wine meant to let the biome around a vine flourish? Is it good that many producers avoid sulfites, potentially side-stepping an ingredient you’d prefer not to have in your body but giving open field to all kinds of critters? Is it garage hacking with neophyte mad scientists turning “off” wine into a trendy product for hipsters? We’ll dive into these issues, and many more, in this smackdown-style panel with plenty of Q&A—and lots of sampling.

Perhaps best of all, this entire event is FREE! That’s right: You get to come hang out, eat ice cream, drink fine cocktails, listen to music, and (ahem) meet the editors of Sunset, and it won’t cost you a thing. All you gotta do is RSVP for Outpost right at this link here, then show up between noon and midnight on June 1, at 1005 San Mateo Street in Los Angeles. How you spend the rest of your summer is up to you, but we’d be eternally grateful if you kicked it off with us. See you June 1, yeah?