The West loves a good prank. Here are our favorites from around the web this April Fool’s Day

San Francisco's Alamo Square and Painted Ladies
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As if Monday isn’t already a struggle in and of itself, waking up to outrageous headlines from media sites and favorite brands is bound to throw anyone off. Love it or hate it, today is April Fool’s Day and companies across the West are using humor to trick unsuspecting readers into starting off the week with a bit of a shock and a lot of laughs. Out of the goodness of our hearts, we’ve rounded up the best jokes and pranks from the day… so far.

John Stamos and Netflix Collab?

How rude! San Francisco’s favorite Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) pulled a fast one. Some may even say he had no mercy after creating a fake promo video in collaboration with the Silicon Valley-based streaming service for a new documentary about his life.

Proximity to reality: Likely

Wait, Peet’s Is Scandinavian?

The West’s most popular coffee brand teased a new flavor this morning that was apparently inspired by its founders’ Dutch roots. However, although we love cheese, a salty licorice and Boerenkaas cheese coffee doesn’t sound appetizing any time of the day. Tip: If you’re a Peetnik Rewards member, you’ll be happy you clicked their link to learn more.

Proximity to reality: Not in a heartbeat

L.A. Times Disses New Yorkers

The L.A. Times tried their hand at comedy today and they won. A satire by Lucas Kwan Peterson, trolling everything from New York pizza and bagels to their “yellow rented automobiles” (a.k.a. taxis) is sure to be the best thing you read all day.

Proximity to reality: Definitely believable

California’s Halo Top Creamery Introduces Face Masks

What better way to cool down this summer than with, um, edible ice cream face masks? Although this is a prank, we couldn’t help but be a little excited by the idea of being able to eat ice cream off our face. Don’t judge.

Proximity to reality: A small hint of plausibility

Little Spoon Plays Big Prank

Stay calm, moms of Instagram. California-based baby nutrition company Little Spoon wasn’t serious when they announced they had a new collection of baby formulas including White Truffle with Specialty Morel Mushrooms, Fermented Gooseberries, and a Hint of Juniper Oil. How else are we going to shape a future generation of gourmets?

Proximity to reality: Not gonna happen

Dippin’ Dots Deodorant

Possibly one of the weirdest pranks we’ve found on the Internet today comes courtesy of Dippin’ Dots. If their cringe-worthy slogan for their “new” ice cream deodorant, “Smell The Fun,” isn’t enough, just imagine smelling like their cotton candy flavor all day.

Proximity to reality: Disturbingly close (for the younger teen set)

Bon Appetit Whispers

Supposedly inspired by the current ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) fad, Bon Appetit debuted a hilarious video on Instagram today of their Editor-In-Chief proclaiming their (fake) plan to switch all their TV programs to whispers.

Proximity to reality: Light years away

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