James Carrier

Cookie cutters are the secret to these creative designs

Sunset  – August 17, 2005

Create these distinctive gift wraps with snowflake and scalloped-circle cookie cutters on solid-colored paper. Make intriguing patterns by stamping the shapes ― either joining or overlapping ― in acrylic paint on the paper.


1. Dip the cutting edge of a cookie cutter into white heavy body acrylic paint (sold at art stores in 4-oz. tubs).

2. Stamp the cookie cutter onto a sheet of paper, starting at a top corner. If the paint is too thick or lumpy, add a few drops of water and stir gently until thinned and smooth.

3. Repeat the process, lining up or overlapping the shapes, to create simple patterns. Allow paper to air-dry thoroughly before wrapping gifts.

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