Wine charms are fun to use ― and fun to make

Rob D. Brodman
Try sparkling wines with corned beef.

Wine charms, the little jeweled rings meant to distinguish one person’s drink from another’s, are attaching themselves to the stems of wineglasses across the country. You can make your own instead of buying them. The charms, like these crafted by Palo Alto jewelry designer Pat Tyler (, can be assembled easily with supplies available at bead or craft stores.

1. String beads onto a wire earring hoop.

2. When the ring is full, use a pair of household needlenose pliers to bend the straight end of the hoop to a 90° angle ― this will secure the beads in place as well as hook into the eyelet at the other end of the hoop.

3. If you would like to add a charm, connect it to a jump ring (also available at bead and craft stores) before threading it on with the beads. Now you’ll just have to remember if you were the umbrella or the horseshoe. 
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