From a GPS locator that finds furry friends on the lam to a local dog-sitting web site, here are the best tech gadgets for your pet

8 Devices to Make You a Better Pet Parent



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If your dog is prone to Houdini-like feats of escape, you spend a lot of time wandering around the neighborhood screaming its name like a madman. Whistle saves you from being the local canine town cryer. It’s an $80 wireless, waterproof device that attaches to your pet’s collar and acts as a GPS beacon. Just press “locate” on your computer or mobile device and the system will show you your pet’s current location. You can also set up a “safe zone” and receive alerts when your pet leaves that area. $63.95

 PetNet SmartFeeder 

PetNet Smart Feeder

Courtesy of PetNet

You’re a responsible pet owner, but sometimes after-work plans come up without warning, and getting home to feed your dog or cat at the usual time isn’t possible. This device can back you up if you’re running late. It measures portions based on your pet’s age, weight and activity level and serves them an appropriately-sized meal. Just be sure to give them a treat or two when you get home as penance. PetNet now also sells a ramp accessory in case your pet’s kibble doesn’t flow completely to the bottom of the tray. The ramp is free with a SmartFeeder purchase, and free for current SmartFeeder owners to request. $299



Courtesy of Furbo

If you don’t work in a pet-friendly office environment, there’s still a way to interact with your dog during the workday. Furbo has an embedded camera that acts partially as a home monitor and partially as a tool for pet voyeurs. You can even talk to your dog via a two-way microphone/speaker combo, though it’s likely to mightily confuse your pet. One way to ease that anxiety? You’re also able to remotely give them a treat. It doesn’t really build loyalty to you, since the dog has no idea who’s causing the food to shoot out of the system, but they’ll stay happy — and may refrain from destroying that throw pillow. $199

 SureFlap MicroChip Pet Feeder 

SureFlap Microchip Feeder

Courtesy of SureFlap

If you’ve got both a dog and a cat, it’s a familiar problem. You put food out for the cat and before you can walk five steps, the dog is snarfing it up. The MicroChip Pet Feeder puts an end to that with a lid that covers your cat’s food and only opens when the correct pet approaches. Signals from your pet’s microchip or an RFID collar tag trigger the feeder and make the food accessible. (If, however, you’ve got an overly skittish cat, there’s a learning curve for them.) When the cat’s finished, the lid closes, keeping dogs (or other, food stealing, cats) from helping themselves to leftovers. $149.99

Petcube Play


Courtesy of Petcube

If you’re worried about your pet going wild on a pair of shoes, or clawing apart the couch while you’re at the office, the Petcube Play might be just what you need. The sleek camera device allows you to not only watch your pet remotely, but use a little laser pointer for playtime, anytime. Within the app you can see a real-time video of your pet, and start pointing the laser around the room to get them some exercise. $199



Courtesy of Poof

Most pet trackers are made for dogs, but Poof is one that’s can be added to the collar of both dogs and cats. The app has a super-friendly interface that zones in on your pet’s exact breed and personal details, making it easy to determine what their individual needs are, and to keep track of how active they are and where they’ve gotten to. The Poof line is affordable, and offers both a battery model and a rechargeable one for $50 or less. $20

Dyson V8 Animal



Courtesy of Dyson

You’re not alone if taking out the vacuum seems like a daunting task barely worth the reward. But, unfortunately, with pet hair, lost kibble and even scattered litter, vacuuming is a necessity for a tidy home with a pet. Dyson’s V8 Animal vacuum eliminates one of the most annoying aspects of vacuuming: the cord. Charge the base of this cordless vacuum overnight and then easily reattach the hose and a variety of nozzles to vacuum all the nooks and crannies of your home. $299.99 


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If you’re running out of neighbors or friends who can check in on your furry family member when you’re away, then it might be time to check out It’s the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, and it caters to two main areas: when you’re away, and when you’re at work. For those away times, you can search for dog boarding, house sitting, and drop-in visits from a sitter all through their platform. And for the daily grind, you can look for both dog walkers and doggy day cares to find what you and your pup need.

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