(David McNew/Getty Images)

We're picking our jaws up from our keyboards to bring you this: One homeowner in Bel-Air uses 11.8 million gallons of water a year—that's 1,300 gallons an hour and enough for 90 households.

(David McNew/Getty Images)

Reveal's report lists over 100 million-gallon users in LA and the East Bay, and just under 100 in San Diego, keeping all names secret.

While the rest of us have buckets strewn around the house to collect extra water, are converting to gray water, are timing our showers, and doing everything we can to conserve water in the garden and even when we cook, it's clear that some people in California still believe they're above the drought. It's a level of entitlement that makes me sick and has me worried about our future.


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