5 things we bet you didn’t know about InSinkErator
provided by InSinkErator

provided by InSinkErator

InSinkErator®, a proud sponsor of our 2016 Bay Area Idea House, is an iconic American appliance with a plethora of fun facts. 

1. Look, ma! No blades 

Contrary to popular belief, this food waste disposer doesn’t have a crazy, scary blade at the bottom to chop things up. InSinkerator garbage disposers have a “spinning turntable that pushes the food against the shredder ring, which is similar to a cheese grater.”

2. Wash it down with cold water

Cold water = your best food-waste-disposer friend. Cold water “helps congeal or solidify food waste as it passes through the disposal and your drain pipes.” This strategy makes it much easier for your food waste to pass through the pipes!

3. InSinkErator food waste disposers use less than 1% of the household’s total water consumption

On average, it also costs less than 50 cents per year in electricity usage. Talk about a good deal.

4. Maintenance-free life**

Keep your disposer in good condition by using it regularly! Apparently, grinding citrus fruit is also good trick to keep your disposer smelling fresh.

5. It’s so quiet, you can actually hear yourself talking

Nothing kills the mood better than a noisy disposer, but thankfully, InSinkErator food waste disposers aren’t about that life. Host a dinner party at your home without being embarrassed, because now you can hold a conversation even while the disposer’s running.

For more, visit InSinkErator’s post on “How to Clean Garbage Disposal 4 Ways.”

**Correction added October 14, 2016

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