It's the little things that impress--and this week, the West's best designers are giving us a peek into how to rock the small stuff. h...
Designer feed: this week’s best style details
photo by Thomas J. Story

photo by Thomas J. Story

It’s the little things that impress–and this week, the West’s best designers are giving us a peek into how to rock the small stuff.

Baskets from our recent photoshoot. Stay tuned for more #nicolehollissf

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1. It’s time to hang baskets on my walls. If San Francisco designer Nicole Hollis is doing it, it’s not only OK, it’s a must. (I can’t wait to see the rest of the home behind this sneak peek.)

Loving all of the pretty details @thedeanhotel.

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2. At first glance, I thought these hex tiles were literal pennies. The color mix is still on the money. I hope Catherine Kwong is inspired to add it to one of her projects soon.

Eames iterations. Still thinking about this visit. #designhero #process #furniture #eames

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3. Yummy Eames hardware  has turned up the inspirational juices for the crew at the innovative Pfeiffer Lab. I’ll take those drawer pulls on the top center, please and thank you.

Banquette with leather detail.

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4. Restaurant design is so good right now. Case in point: These lengths of leather tacked onto a banquette for Bakers and Baristas‘ new cafe south of L.A. Designed by the funky design/build PSS Design Cult.

5. Do I have to choose between these two crazy good chairs found on DISC Interior‘s feed? You can’t make me. They’re both amazing. (DISC designed last year’s Idea House. Take a look!)

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