This cheery botanical garland is a fun and easy craft that will brighten up any nook or blank area of your home

Bring a Southeast Asian aesthetic into your home with this fun DIY. Aside from looking adorable, these garden pom-poms are meant to give thanks and protect. In Thailand, you’ll often see them hanging from mirrors in taxis. Here’s what you’ll need for this craft: dwarf pineapple, poppy pod, billy ball, globe amaranth, scissors, a string of pearls, and twine. The plant materials we used dry well and last for months before wilting and decaying. Start by casting twine onto a dowel. Loop and pull the string to hold it in place, using your favorite knot, braid, or macramé technique. Here we use the “knotted spiral” macramé stitch. Tie a knot with three strings after one to two inches. Cut at the bottom and slide the stitching off the dowel. Now it’s time to thread the upholstery needle. Start by trimming heads from each flower or seed pod. Thread the pineapple last. Be careful—crowns are often prickly. Hide a knot to finish, cutting excess string with scissors. Repeat this process three times and you’ll have a garden pom-pom to display on empty knobs or hooks in your home.

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