Turn a low white vase into an amazing centerpiece that won't get in the way of conversation
Easy Showstopper Centerpiece
Thomas J. Story; styling: Miranda Jones

Make an amazing centerpiece from a low white vase. (Click “Click to Enlarge” under the photo for a better look!)

This 2-foot-long snowy white ceramic “canoe pot” from Bauer Pottery Company (888/213-800) is a mere 4 inches tall.

The elongated shape fits perfectly in the center of a rectangular dinner table―and the low profile won’t block guests’ views.

Line it with wintry foliage 

Select plants with foliage that looks as if it’s dusted with snow.

We bought seeded eucalyptus with snowflakelike buds at a flower market to use as a base, layering the 4- to 12-inch-long snippets in the pot’s bottom.

Other choices: silvery Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’ and dusty miller.

Finish with silvery buds

Tuck stems topped with silvery buds―such as leucadendron buds―or white flowers into the foliage, spreading them along the vase’s length.

Or use pinecones, decorated lightly with white paint. 

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