Easy tips from our Bay Area Idea House design team on how to make your bookshelf part of your room’s decor


Take full advantage of the Sunset 2016 Bay Area Idea House in the Oakland-Berkeley hills with design ideas you can use at home. Our Bay Area Idea House designers have given us their top tips to make your living room’s bookshelf the focal point of the room with these bookshelf design ideas. Easily DIY these arrangements using your favorite books, plants, board games, and more items that are already in your home. These creative bookshelf ideas aren’t just limited to your standard bookshelf, but also consist of tips that can be used on floating shelves, a modern bookshelf, and even built-in bookshelves.

And now for some top tips from our Bay Area Idea House. Don’t be afraid to play around with different sized and shaped objects. The differences can play off each other nicely, as demonstrated in the above video. For bookshelves with cubbies, use similar-colored pieces (our designers used a row of books with white covers, but with type in varying fonts and sizes) to keep the spaces visually connected. One of the easiest ways to give a bookshelf some texture? Adding useful objects and living pieces as bookends, rather than something decorative. Not only does it make for additional storage, but it also takes advantage of the quirky pieces you already own and the living plants that are thriving.

Styling your storage space isn’t just about book storage, either. These styling tips can spruce up a variety of small spaces that act as storage. The ideas in this bookshelf design could also be used for open kitchen cabinets to really make a home feel like a Pinterest board, or you can take this approach to your coffee table‘s array of books and plants or even an old ladder laying against the wall. Balancing out various pieces while storing them ultimately brings the entire look together, whether it’s on a DIY bookshelf or affordable storage from IKEA.

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