See this kitchen became brighter and more efficient without adding on
Light-Filled Kitchen Makeover

Most potential buyers looked at this house and its poorly remodeled kitchen ― a typical galley, cut off from the garden ― and saw big headaches. John Jennings and Sasha Tarnopolsky saw design freedom.

Budget contraints helped Jennings, a designer, and Tarnopolsky, a landscape architect, decide against a significant expansion. They concentrated on ways to make the kitchen seem bigger, from opening up the walls to working within a simplified material palette.

Within the same footprint, this 8½  by 20-foot kitchen changed from cramped and dated to spacious and modern. The designer worked this magic by incorporating areas once hidden from view and using a palette of contemporary materials in tones of red, black, and silver. 

Two decisions were key: replacing a window at one end of the galley-like space with a glass Dutch door and wrapping three sides of the room with a counter.

The counter passes in front of the Dutch door, becoming a breakfast bar; light coming through the door washes the floor and walls.

Retro metro A simple palette of sage green cabinetry, black counters, stainless fixtures, and warm wood trim creates a unified look

Wrap-around counter The continuous counter makes a perfect spot for display and casual meals

Design John Jennings and Sasha Tarnopolsky, Dry Design, Los Angeles ( or 323/954-9084, ext. 21)

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