Photography provided by Lauren Geremia

Sunset Idea House designer, Lauren Geremia, takes questions from readers and answers with her expertise. If you've got more queries, please email found a midcentury pencil spirograph drawing at an antique store. I'm not sure how to choose a frame and mat. Should I go with modern white to emphasize the midcentury side of it? Or a wood tone to match the yellowing paper with a more traditional mat? Or something else? —Emily

I would suggest framing the drawing with a white mat to keep the contrast high and to emphasize the pencil quality. A white oak frame with a modern edge will give it an artisan, upscale feel like this one we used to highlight this Claude Zervas piece. —Lauren Geremia


I have one wall that's a gallery wall, and the adjacent wall is blank and white. What can I put on the blank wall that won't look too busy? —Carol

The use of mirrors can be a really effective and economic way to supplement salon walls or impactful pieces of art. They add depth to small spaces and will catch the reflection of your composition. They can be custom made or found off the shelf quite easily.

Here a few on the market that we love:

Arch Mirror by BowerSuede-Framed Mirror by ASHBistro Antiqued Brass Round Mirror

We commissioned a custom 'Constellation' mirror from UK based Guilded to complement the landscape painting and bar accessories in this breakfast nook. —Lauren Geremia


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