Meet Jane. Jane is an editorial assistant at Sunset, always has a great outfit on, always has an even greater necklace on, and is loads of ...
Affordable art for the quirky color lover

Meet Jane. Jane is an editorial assistant at Sunset, always has a great outfit on, always has an even greater necklace on, and is loads of fun. Meet Jane’s newest purchase for her home, The Agnes (faux) Stag Deer Head

Everything you need to know about how fun Jane is you can find in Agnes’ aqua stare. (Both she–and it—are so much fun.)

My challenge? Help her fill in the gallery wall around it with illustrations and other works that match the playfulness of the deer head but don’t cost a lot.

Here are some options:


Eclectic printables

Clockwise from top left: Flamingo Print, Geometric Print, Circle Photography, XO Print by MelindaWoodDesigns, $5 each (instant digital downloads)Melinda Wood offers instant digital downloads for $5 on Etsy. The four I chose above are a fraction of what she offers–more than 600 (!) line drawings, geometric prints, animal silhouettes, typographical prints–and everything comes in multiple colors.


Landscape Painting 2 by Russell Lenge, $25 for 8″ x 10″; Mineral by Karina Eibatova, $25 for 8″ x 10″I like gemstone motifs for Jane’s eclectic mix because they’re natural and earthy while still edgy and colorful, just like Agnes.


Photo-Synthesis No. 8 by Satsuki Shibuya, $50 for 8″ x 10″; St. Kilda Prints by Jenny Andrews Anderson, $30 for 12″ x 16″Abstracts will bring movement and texture to Jane’s wall, plus give her more saturated colors. I looked for artists who use a lot of the colors Jane wears: navy, pinks and corals, plus some aqua to tie the wall together. Satsuki Shibuya and Jenny Andrews Anderson fit the bill–and both offer many of their works in affordable prints.

Handwriting and typography

Clockwise from top left: Compass by Zach Terrell, $17 for 8″ x 8″; Though She Be But Little print, $23.05 for 8″ x 10″; The World is Your Oyster print, $40 for 16″ x 24″; Small Talk, $56 for 11.8″ x 15.75″The inspiration photos Jane sent me all have some type of type (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). I chose these mostly based on the font style, but the one on the top right has special meaning: Jane is teeny tiny and I once watched her fight her way to the front of a packed train platform like the boss she is. It was awesome.

And just one more…

Jane has lived a lot of places (including Atlanta, where this map comes from)—these watercolor maps by Map Is Art can help remind her of the places she’s been, right down to the exact street. Here’s how it works: Enter an address on the site and a zoomed-in map generates. Move the map around or zoom in or out to get exactly the place and look you want. Then print it on a canvas, t-shirt, paper, even lamp shades. A glossy framed 8-inch print is only $21.95.


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