Katchy traps the most annoying bugs, like mosquitoes and fruit flies—and it actually works!

This Brilliant Mosquito Trap Rids Any Indoor Space of Pesky Summer Insects

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I placed my laptop and iPhone on the table at a cute coffee shop, ready to do hours of writing. I’d ordered a perfectly-steamed latte, a berry smoothie, and a big bowl of quinoa and eggs with avocado and tomato. 

But a swarm of pesky fruit flies wanted my food as much as I did, flying in my face as I sipped my smoothie. Within a few minutes, I got up to grab some to-go boxes. I was out of there. 

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No cafe should have fruit flies pestering their patrons while they’re working or eating. There’s a device, I told the owner who I’m friendly with, that could help save them to-go boxes and customers. This device can keep fruit flies, mosquitoes, and other small bugs at bay at home and at work. An added plus? It’s easier and works better than mosquito-repellent plants, mosquito nets, and electric bug zappers.

After all, a lot of those solutions are faulty (mosquito nets can rip or have tiny holes that allow little buggers in) or require effort (tennis racket-like bug swatters). Zappers are often too loud or dangerous for interiors. 

The miracle product I speak of is an update on that classic ultraviolet zapper, called Katchy.

How does this small cylindrical device work? Super-simply.

Plug it in. Bugs are drawn to the UV light on top. They’re sucked into the machine by the fan. Then they get stuck on the glue board on the bottom, never to bother you again.

There are two settings: low and standard. The low setting has a dimmer light, and is quieter, with less suction. The standard setting is brighter, slightly louder, and has stronger suction. At home, I mostly keep it on standard. The quiet humming is so gentle, it never bothers me. In fact, it’s so quiet, it provides a gentle white noise while I sleep.

I’ve owned this bug zapper for a couple months, and already my life is so much better. The oranges, lemons, and tomatoes that I usually keep sequestered in my fridge from spring to fall? They’re out on the countertop, ripening right next to the Katchy. 

When I change the Katchy glue pad, I find a bunch of mosquitoes, fruit flies, and moths (kind of gross to dispose of, but more palatable than pests orbiting around my food and personal space). Los Angeles is plagued by a plethora of insects, and I couldn’t be happier with this $40 purchase. Every cafe and home should have one.

Katchy Original Indoor Insect Trap, $40