Wellness blogger and recipe developer Alison Wu’s remodeled kitchen is full of fresh inspiration

Alison Wu Kitchen Tour
Alison Wu

For Alison Wu, spring cleaning isn’t seasonal. The wellness blogger and recipe developer remodeled her kitchen in Portland, Oregon with a minimalist ethos and low-maintenance lifestyle in mind. The resulting design makes it easy to keep things clean and tidy. “My kitchen is essentially my office and also the heart of the house,” says Wu. “I wanted to create a space that’s welcoming, beautiful, functional, and inspiring.” 

Wu’s nine-week remodel included new cabinetry and countertops, lighting, plaster walls, and, at the last minute, new floors. “We decided to do the floors four weeks into the project, but I think it was one of the best decisions we made,” says Wu. Plus, the new floors are easy to clean, with Wu using a steam mop once a week.

Alison Wu Kitchen Stove

Alison Wu

Instead of a standard backsplash and floating cabinetry, Wu let the Venetian plaster walls shine behind her stove and countertops, with plenty of storage below and drawer organizers to keep everything tidy. “I like to have uncluttered countertops, so it was important to me to have enough storage space where I could put everything away while still being easily accessible,” says Wu. Pout by Miller Paint, $37.95/gallon; millerpaint.com.

Alison Wu Galley Kitchen

Alison Wu

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Wu is known for her superfood recipes and plant-based lifestyle. Open shelving attached to her cabinetry makes glassware, ceramics, and adaptogens easy to reach and easy to organize. “I also like to buy in bulk and store my dry ingredients and spices in labeled glass jars,” says Wu.

Alison Wu Kitchen Countertops

Alison Wu

Wu’s new streamlined space is both easy to clean and easy to enjoy. “I think creating a space that inspires you–whatever that might look like–is the key to a happy and healthy relationship with your kitchen or any space you spend time in,” says Wu.

Alison Wu Kitchen Sink

Alison Wu

The sink sits in what was once the enclosed butler kitchen, now a primary workspace with under-cabinet lighting. “The pendants really allow for mood lighting, while the cans and lighting are great for working,” says Wu.