Shop more consciously with these plant-based fashion brands

Courtesy of Vegetaryn

As the vegan movement continues to grow, fashion brands are giving consumers the option to wear their ethics on their sleeves and shop more consciously. Being aware of what happens behind the scenes at the apparel companies where you shop is a great way to start curating a cruelty-free wardrobe. Some designers are using eco-friendly or vegan materials in their items to promote a sustainable fashion industry, while others are adding pro-vegan slogans to their tees. Either way, the plant-based lifestyle is proving to be quite stylish.

Vegetaryn offers an array of trendy apparel that is 100% sweatshop-free, fair-trade, vegan, and ethically made in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for a cheeky slogan tee like “wear pink not mink” or just want to learn more about the plant-based life, this brand’s website is worth a visit.

With sustainability at the heart of its brand, Tasi Travels is committed to using only environmentally-friendly fabrics such as tencel, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Offering a variety of modern and comfortable women’s and men’s essentials, Tasi is all about compassionate clothing you’ll want to wear year-round.

Courtesy of Tasi Travels

If a more verbal approach is what you seek, then In the Soulshine will fill all your catchphrase t-shirt needs with their “Milk Coconuts, Not Cows” or “Cows Are for Mooing, Not BBQing” tees. Their clothes have not only animals in mind, but also humans and the environment. This brand is dedicated to a more eco-friendly fashion industry with their positive messaging.

Founded by three passionate vegan advocates, Talk Vegan to Me challenges customers to start the journey of veganism through their closet. With simple but chic pro-plant hats, t-shirts, and totes, these are garments you’d proudly wear to a yoga class, grocery shopping, or work.

Portland couple Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten have been promoting the cruelty-free fashion culture since 2002 with their brand Herbivore Clothing Company. Locals can venture to their shop located in a mini-mall with similar vegan stores or check out their tops, tanks, and sweats online to join the plant-based movement.

To flaunt your pro-plant spirit, check out BeetxBeet’s extensive collection of edgy vegan apparel. The L.A.-based company offers everything from a unisex “In Plants We Trust” tee to a kid’s “Plant Slayer” sweater. In their commitment to raising awareness, the brand supports local nonprofits such as the Burrito Project LA by donating proceeds.

Vegan apparel line The Dharma Store offers the perfect opportunity to flaunt your love for vegetables through its selection of fun tops, pants, leggings, and bags. Founded by two vegans in 2015, this brand is dedicated to spreading awareness through sensible fashion.

Boredwalk is an artist-owned and -operated apparel company dedicated to using eco-friendly water-based ink to create their products. Catering to men, women, and children, this brand offers high-quality and affordable messenger bags, tank tops, and sweatshirts that are on-trend and comfortable.