Explore the unusually stylish abode of two Park City environmentalists
Take a 360-Degree Tour of an Off-the-Grid Utah Yurt

After a year and a half of living in a Brooklyn apartment, Casey Brown and Danfung Dennis started hatching an escape plan. “We both have an aversion to living in cities,” says Brown. So in 2012, the couple—filmmakers who specialize in virtual-reality documentaries about the environment (conditionone.com)—swapped urban life for total seclusion: a 12-acre lot outside Park City, Utah, where they built a yurt amid an aspen grove.

“We were intrigued by this concept of ‘living in the round,’” explains Dennis, who first encountered the nomadic shelter 13 years ago while on a mountaineering expedition in Kyrgyzstan. “If you think about the cycle of the seasons, the shapes of the earth, the moon, the sun—everything is circular, like a yurt. Living in one made sense to us.” 

Above, take a virtual tour of the 930-square-foot space. Hint: Clicking the white circles will help you navigate.

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