Good looking and hard working—this just might be the last hose you ever buy.

Goodland Hose Unfurled
Brit Gill

When it comes to reviewing hoses, I consider myself an expert. Armed with just one 100-foot hose, I exclusively hand-water 12 raised beds, a micro-orchard, and a native hillside habitat. Yes, a hose is my only source of irrigation for my homestead garden—which sounds insane and could be a how-to article all its own. Needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of twists, kinks, low pressure pains, and explosive bursts along the way. So when GOODLAND reached out to test their Everlasting Garden Hose, I was ready with opinions and a decade’s worth of hose hangups under my belt. 

If GOODLAND’s brand sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve spotted one of their Insta-popular wood-fired hot tubs floating around your feed. No stranger to making things look gorgeous, the team took just as much craft and care when it came to designing their garden hose. Artfully combining form and function, this hose isn’t just a pretty face—with unmatched quality and durability, it is rugged yet still handsome enough that you just might want to start snapping #wateringplants selfies more often. 

But in all seriousness, I gave this hose an intense workout over mulch piles, through gravel pathways, and even tugged it relentlessly around raised-bed corners while hooking it up to a drip-line splitter—and I can tell you it really stood up to the task. Read on to learn why this just might be the last hose you ever buy.

Not Just Another Hose

Goodland Hose Spray

Brit Gill

When I reached out to Craig Pearce, founder of Goodland, he told me the decision to tackle a garden hose product design was its own a-ha moment. “It was on the same day that I had been using a big-box supplier’s ‘heavy duty’ version of a garden hose which was all kinked, cracked, and bandaged up with duct tape,” Craig says. “Our Design Director, Ryan, sent me over the message, ‘maybe we should make a garden hose?’ Personally, as hobby gardeners and homeowners, it just makes so much sense. I was frustrated with the waste.” Craig was at the time on his third garden hose in four years—so it was time for him to step in and make something high quality.

And high quality they achieved! The Everlasting Garden Hose is even guaranteed to last a lifetime thanks to a best-in-class blend of materials and triple-layer bonded construction—including an inner seamless PVC layer specially formulated to resist oils and mild chemicals, a mid-layer of woven reinforcement made from ballistics-grade high-tensile spiraled polyester yarn, and a smooth outer layer which resists abrasion, cold weather, sunlight, ozone, and cracking. 

The team spent 12 months researching and developing the best way to achieve the highest possible quality paired with the aesthetics. Small batch, drinking water-safe, and made 100% in Canada, Craig says, “the hose needed to look right, feel right, and work perfectly. Our goal from the beginning was to create ‘the last garden hose you will ever buy.'” In fact, like all of GOODLAND’s products, the Everlasting Garden Hose isn’t designed to be replaced or wear out, but to be lasting and well-loved. 

A Brass Nozzle to Boast About

Goodland Hose Nozzle

Brit Gill

We all love that meme about what your preferred garden spray setting says about you (I’m loyal to “shower” personally), so when I unpacked the brass hardware, I instantly felt heartbroken to part with my beloved dial-a-spritz. Thankfully sadness disappeared quickly with my first sprinkling. Not only do you feel like a glamorous mid-century garden grower using this hose, it also really provides a beautifully uniform spray that’s easily adjusted and even more customizable with fine-tune twists. 

Craig claims this nozzle will get you “from washing the car to misting the plants to spraying bird droppings off your house—a nozzle needs to be a lot of things.” The team took a simple approach instead of reinventing the wheel, starting with high-quality materials, built to withstand the outdoors while being drinking water-safe and immune from breaking like cheap plastic nozzles. The varied spray pattern can be set to your needs each time you use it as it’s continuously adjustable from a wide 60° soft mist for watering to a satisfyingly solid jet stream of water for cleaning. 

And don’t worry; if you don’t want to leave these precious pieces of garden gear on the ground, they have a matching hanger made out of marine-grade aluminum designed with the same timeless, minimal design that will keep them wrangled in style. 

Inspiration from Unlikely Places

Goodland Hose Inspirational Message

Rebecca Benoit

Need a side of meditative pause with your morning watering routines? Each Everlasting Garden Hose is printed with an inscription along its length that inspires a moment of pause and encourages you to connect with your environment. Craig told me that one of GOODLAND’s primary values and purpose “is to share our ‘Pursuit of Pause’ and to enhance our community’s connection with nature.”

Instead of just pasting their logo onto the hose, they wanted to create a moment of interaction for the user as a subtle reminder to enjoy the slow times and to engage in the present moment. They partnered with friend and writer Julie Pointer Adams to curate a special message printed along the length of the hose—this sentiment is only available to read if you have the hose in hand, but I promise you, it’s lovely.

Here’s to more mindful moments and meditative musings when watering!