The most leak-proof and kink-proof models that won’t leave you hosed

Heather Arndt Anderson  – February 27, 2020 | Updated July 23, 2020

Sure, it’s more fun to shop for plants, but garden hoses are a requirement for keeping most things alive. Here are our five top picks for every need—plus accessories!—and some care tips at the end.

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Garden Hose Care Tips

First and foremost, put the hose away after each use. If it’s possible to store it out of the sun, that will help the hose’s longevity.

One of the most common complaints about garden hoses is leaks. If the hose is leaking from the faucet, check that there’s a rubber gasket in place (and that it isn’t cracked)—some gardeners just replace the gasket every spring just in case. Leaks aren’t just annoying, they waste water!

Unhook the hose from the faucet if freezing temps are in the forecastthe jury’s still out on whether or not leaving hoses attached can result in burst pipes indoors, but it can lead to leaky hoses.

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