No green thumb yet? No worries.

Garden Tools and Prep
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Whether you want to set up a springtime garden or explore edible plants—or even just test the waters with houseplants—the prospect of becoming a plant parent can be intimidating. Luckily, there are countless handy apps that hold the answers. Getting started doesn’t have to be so daunting. With just a few taps on your phone, you’ll be one step closer to growing the greenery you’ve always dreamed of. 

Personally, I only have a handful of houseplants, and I’ll be the first to admit I was clueless. I relied on digital tools like these to decipher the mysteries of plant care. I was oblivious to what to do with some unknown flowers I was gifted, and I was bewildered when my succulents started browning. Despite not being a natural-born botanist, my flowers have blossomed and my succulents are green again!

Here are six apps that will empower you to cultivate your own garden:

Houseplant Pots

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About seven million users rely on Planta for their plant needs, earning this app the App Store’s Editor’s Choice 2024 and even the App of the Day designation. Smart care reminders, plant journals, and community forums are a selling point for Planta, in addition to photo identification functions. 


With a near-perfect rating from more than 875,000 reviews, PictureThis is beloved among gardening enthusiasts. Just snap a photo, and the app will check against more than 17,000 species to identify your plant. Whether you’re unsure what species a gift is or spot something you want to incorporate into your own garden, PictureThis can provide next steps. And if your plant is sick, the app can also diagnose the disease and provide treatment recommendations—all by photo.

Strawberry Planting Garden

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Plantum is a go-to tool for identifying unknown organisms and plant diseases. Additional notable features include a light meter to analyze sunlight amounts, a pot meter to estimate volumes, and a water calculator to estimate how much hydration your new plants need. 


Beginners and experienced gardeners alike come together in this hub for information and inspiration. Users can log and manage plants to maintain a gardening care schedule throughout the seasons. A comprehensive plant encyclopedia, ample guides, and an interactive advice section make GardenTags a valuable educational resource and a warm, vibrant community.

Watering Houseplants

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This app combines all-encompassing plant care guides in one central location. For those starting from zero, this app can answer whatever kind of question you have, from general instructions to care reminders to weather alerts and more. It’s free to download, with subscriptions available for unlimited access and premium features, including consultations with an AI botanist. 


Managing a vegetable garden has never been so easy. Visual tools let you map out where to plant seeds, along with sharing key information about strategizing for companion versus combative plants, crafting a planting calendar, and more to optimize your edible garden