Plant memes are the purest, most relatable content on the internet—these are some of Instagram’s finest

plant memes
Heather Arndt Anderson via ImgFlip Meme Generator

We know it can be kind of a tire-fire out there in the real world, but we think it’s okay to take a minute here and there to laugh at something completely innocuous, like the avoidable tragedy of overwatering houseplants, or hemorrhaging cash on pink succulents. That’s why we think you should know that plant memes are pretty much the best thing on the internet right now. You deserve a chuckle! These tiny, wholesome nuggets of culture perfectly encapsulate universal truths, and yes, they can be a bit juvenile, but we love them anyway so don’t @ us, Betty Boomer. To save your poor thumbs a scroll, here are the greatest hits.

Instructions, Schminstructions

Plants deserve a better tomorrow, today.

Hey Little Girl, Want a Piece of Candy?

Variegated plants will always be our favorites, but whoever gets into that van: 100% chance you’re never to be seen again.

So Cold

More Videos From Sunset

We see you, Fairbanks. Stay strong up there.

Every Journey Begins with One Step

Don’t worry, plants are pretty forgiving. Here are some of the easiest ones that even beginners can grow.

There, There

It’s ok, it happens to lots of people.

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart(leaf) Makes

Oh, pretty, pretty ‘Pink Princess.’ We relate. Everyone’s adolescence is this awkward.

Let’s Get Ready to Umbel

(Yes, we know that ferns don’t have umbels. They don’t even flower. But fern puns are hard, and this meme is a real site for sori.)

Plants Make People Happy

Seriously, though, being around plants can actually improve your mental health. (Even indoor plants can help. So can laughter! We recommend a steady diet of plant memes.)

Speaking of Depression, Have You Plant for Your Future Financial Security?

If you want to avoid going totally broke on your plant habit, we have some helpful pointers. (And remember, plant memes are free.)

Water You Doing to Those Poor Things

They’re dead, Jim. (Succs are easy if you just remember that they come from arid climates.)

Holy Mother of Millions

They need light, y’all. (But some can handle less light.)

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