The queen of the garden is here to tell us all how she gets down and dirty on her farm.

Image of Martha Stewart Gets Down and Dirty promotional cover with Martha Stewart holding a rake and standing in front of a car.
Courtesy of TV Insider

At 79, Martha Stewart is not the on-screen personality she once was. She’s a woman who knows exactly who she is and feels free to say whatever she likes, thank you very much.

That’s what makes her new show, aptly called Martha Gets Down and Dirty, so refreshing. She talks about rooster nookie. She cracks jokes about a, ahem, “seed vibrator“—apparently, it keeps tiny seeds from clumping—and she instructs viewers to make a basil chiffonade by rolling it “like a joint.” (She says she learned that from her buddy Snoop Dogg.)

Meanwhile, she teaches gardening to guest stars like Kim Kardashian, Brooke Shields, Seth Meyers, and Ellen Pompeo, some of whom crack blue jokes of their own.

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Check out the trailer from Discovery+ below. As far as we’re concerned, “it’s a good thing.”