It’s time to turn your favorite dad into a plant dad. This Father’s Day match the plant to the parent for the perfect gift.

Man Hiding Behind Plant
Sanni Sahil/Unsplash

So you need to buy a gift for dad, but what? A T-shirt that says, “This Isn’t a Dad Bod, It’s a Father Figure”? Pass. An aggressive-looking black pocketknife that’s been personalized on Etsy? Perhaps not. As for a tie, it’s probably safe to say that men like them about as much as women like bras.

It’s time to turn your favorite dad into a plant dad. Having leafy green kids is all rage these days; there are plant dad podcasts, plant dad blogs, and a recent search of the phrase on Instagram turned up 378,539 thousand posts. In other words, plant dads are cool. And dads like to be cool. 

Even better, the right plant can pot up a close relationship that’s gotten a little brown around the edges. “I give my father plants, then I call him and say, ‘How are they doing?'” says Emily Joy Rosen, who runs her Etsy plant shop, Joy of Plants, out of Longmont, Colorado. “They’re something to have an ongoing conversation about, and they live on and grow. Besides,” she adds, “How many times are you going to buy your dad a sweater?”

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Indeed. But which plant will your father figure appreciate most? With the help of Rosen and Shawna Christian, the Co-owner of Tansy, a black- and female-owned plant store in Burbank, California, Sunset will show you how to match the plant to the parent.

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