Make a lovely natural pink fabric dye with the pit from a humble avocado.


Natural dyes can produce thousands of shades of colors from pigment derived from nuts, leaves, fruit, and other foodstuffs. Dye made from an avocado pit, as Graham Keegan demonstrates in this video, produces a beautiful muted pink.

Start by soaking your bandana in soy milk to make the fabric more receptive to the dye. Any natural fiber like cotton will work best. Wring it out and hang to dry. Meanwhile, save and wash four avocado pits. Add them to a blender along with water. Blend the fresh pits into a fine, bright orange slurry. Strain the slurry through a cheesecloth into a large pot. Keep the cheesecloth in the pot to add extra color. Soak and wring out the bandana before folding and tying with strings or rubber bands. Bring the dye to a simmer and add the bandana. Immerse and simmer for 1 hour, stirring intermittently. Remove the ties and finish with a rinse under a faucet until the water runs clear.

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