An interior designer teams up with a ceramics artist to create the hanging sculpture of her dreams.

Alexis Garrett and Nicole Novena at work on Chime
Stacy Bostrom
Alexis Garrett and Nicole Novena at work on Chime, a hanging sculpture made of ceramic and rope hung by a metal hook.

“I love ceramics and I see them as another art medium to display in the home,” says San Diego-based interior designer, Alexis Garrett. “The organic handmade elements of clay are so beautiful and can be functional as well—something to eat out of or hold flowers or even for serving.” 

Garrett’s whitewashed, coastal-modern aesthetic is tailor-made for the rustic earthenware and hand-thrown pieces she’s drawn to. But until now, they were only displayed on countertops, as part of tile installations, on shelving, or in a small wall hanging.

bedroom fireplace ceramics Alexis Garrett
A bedroom designed by Alexis Garrett demonstrates her love of rustic and vintage ceramics.

Jennie Corti

When one of her recent projects was calling out for a vertical object to fill an open corner, Garrett did what she always does when she’s faced with a big design challenge. She slept on it. “I had a dream about a single strand of rope stretching from the floor to the ceiling, with plates of ceramic hanging off of it like leaves,” she says. After contacting a local ceramics artist, Nicole Novena, the two got to work—literally making her dream a reality.

Alexis Garrett ceramic tile design kitchen
A sleek, serene kitchen pantry designed by Garrett with ceramic tile.

Jennie Corti

The resulting sculpture, Chime, was such a beauty that they decided to make more: 55 more, available in 8, 9, or 10 foot versions, to be exact. The limited edition project is on sale today, for $2200 a piece. But if you’re confident with clay you may be inspired to make your own.

Alexis Garrett and Nicole Novena in front of their collaboration, Chime
Alexis Garrett and Nicole Novena in front of seven pieces from their limited edition collaboration, Chime

Stacy Bostrom

Chime by Alexis Garrett and Nicole Novena
Chime hanging in one of Garrett’s client’s homes.

Madie McKay

Garrett and Novena made a video of their experience, and watching it is like a soothing meditation for aspirational DIYers.