Sunset  – May 13, 2010 | Updated March 13, 2019


What is Sunset’s Professional Gift Subscription Program?

The Professional Gift Subscription Program allows professionals in real estate, finance, design, legal and other types of businesses to purchase yearly subscriptions to Sunset as a gift for clients. Each issue of Sunset is delivered with a special cover wrap, which promotes your name, company name (if desired) and phone number. There is also a special message on the wrap, thanking your clients for their business. Your client receives a gift they’ll really enjoy, and you add a cost effective marketing tool that promotes your business.

How much does it cost? If I buy more subscriptions, can I get a better price?

The cost is only $10 per gift subscription (6 issues) – 72% off newsstand price. Each issue of the magazine has the cover wrap with your name and number. There is no additional discount based on the volume of subscriptions.

What kind of topics does Sunset Magazine cover?

Sunset covers a variety of topics including regional gardening, innovative food recipes, home decoration techniques and local travel. All very relevant for the new home buyer. 

I have sales people who would love this as an option in our holiday gift program. How would I set that up?

It’s very easy to include this program as part of an overall client gift program. If you or your company is interested in setting this up, please call 1-800-777-0117. We will work with you to help promote it to your sales staff or provide links to our order form from your gift site.

What are the benefits to this program?

Your client receives a unique gift with high perceived value for an entire year and you have an extremely cost effective marketing tool that promotes your name and phone number on the cover every month. A great referral and retention tool.

What is the message that prints on the cover wrap?

We have three targeted messages for different businesses and situations, which we further personalize with your name, company name, and telephone number. 

How will my client know the magazine is a gift from me?

Not only will they see your name and phone number on the cover wrap, you will also receive free gift cards to send your clients to inform them they’ll be receiving Sunset Magazine from you. The gift cards usually arrive within 10 business days of placing your order.

My list is large; is there another way to submit my list of gift recipients?

You can download a .pdf form and e-mail or fax this form along with your list of recipients (in Excel or .csv format).

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

I’m sold! What do I do next?

Go to one of our order forms. If you prefer to fax or e-mail, please download the appropriate .pdf below.

Contact customer service with additional questions.