When chickens have a better-looking home than you do, that's when you know they're living it large.

But no matter.

Remember our January 2010 issue? We dug it up to remind you guys there's no better digs for your cluckers than this chicken crib, fit for mother hens.

From our Best of the West (which was then called "The West at its Best") section:

"Feel like everyone has started a poultry farm but you? Oakland locals Rusty Lamer and Andreas Stavropoulos have created an ingenious DIY coop that works in a small backyard and houses up to four chickens. You'll need some construction know-how to assemble it, but if you've ever fixed a leaky faucet, you'll be fine."

So, can you still buy this coop? You bet. And the color options now are even better.

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