The Sunset Western Garden Book of Edibles, coming in February 2010, is your guide to growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, and tropicals in your home garden.


Beginning and expert gardeners alike will find useful advice in its A-to-Z encyclopedia of more than 100 edibles, including the best varieties to grow in your region and details on where and how to plant, tend, and harvest. You'll also find great kitchen garden design ideas.

Sunset Publishing; 304 pages; $25, paperback. Order it here.


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The Western Garden Book of Edibles contains complete instructions for growing over 190 vegetables, herbs, berries, fruits, nuts, and tropical fruits in the ground and in containers. The book also features plans and design ideas for kitchen gardens of all sizes, as well as easy-to-follow guidelines for composting, building raised beds, and more. Growing season details for all regions of the West, including Alaska and Hawaii, and timely tips from edibles experts around the West--British Columbia to New Mexico--make it a personalized guide. Plus: more than 300 pages of color photographs, practical advice, and inspiration from the editors of Sunset magazine, the West's authority on gardening.

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