Rocks make shapely natural vases for succulent cuttings. Make this easy DIY to add a natural accent to your decor


Succulents make for great décor, but now you’re ready to give them a new twist? Think outside the planter box with this easy DIY that uses rocks as natural vases for your succulent plants. You can forage rocks on your beach walks or hikes—look for rocks with naturally sculpted holes. However, if you can’t find any with holes, you can buy soft rocks such as sandstone, dampen it, and then drill holes using a diamond drill bit.

You’ll need small succulent cuttings for this project. We’re partial to sempervivum rosettes and Watch Chain (Crassula muscosa) for this particular look, but you can use any small succulent bud. Be sure to snip your cuttings several days before you craft the succulent rocks to allow cut ends to heal and dry (and therefore prevent rot down the line). You’ll also need moss and floral wire to complete the project.

Once your rock has holes, wrap two or three succulents and some moss with floral wire; twist the end to secure your bundle. Set in a hole just above the rim. Repeat until all of your rock’s holes are filled.

On its own, one large succulent rock makes a striking decorative statement on a coffee table—or in another approach, you can cluster a group of three smaller ones, which looks chic on an end table or bookshelf.

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