Meet Nicole Kramer, founder of FARMcurious

Nicole Kramer
Nicole Kramer is the founder of FARMcurious in Oakland, CA.

FARMcurious, Founder
Oakland, California

FARMcurious was founded by Nicole Kramer of Oakland, California.  Nicole is an urban farmer who teaches urban homesteading classes and offers DIY food demonstrations at the homes of urbanites hoping to reconnect with their food.  Each demonstration includes an explanation of why a connection with our food is important, instruction on how to rekindle that connection, and innovative products to help get the group started growing and processing their own food at home in an urban environment.

Nicole has been growing vegetables in an urban setting for three years and is constantly discovering new ways to grow more food in compact spaces. Having kept chickens as a child, she now tends a small flock in her backyard in Oakland.  As part of her urban homesteading lifestyle, Nicole maintains a full-time job with a large NYC media company, runs FARMcurious on the side, tends to the garden and various animals, and also manages to grow much of her family’s own produce, craft her own cheese, can seasonal produce and somehow blog about it all.

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