Watch how to gather your favorite blooms in celebration of spring


Once you’ve collected your favorite blooms, it’s time to arrange them to best outfit your space, or as an eye-catching gift. Soft pairings that highlight the colors and textures of each flower work best for springtime. Start by finding a vase with a wide top. (We love this pretty turquoise one, as it also adds a nice vibrant accent). Add foliage, using crumpled chicken wire inside the vase to hold the stems in place. Let your largest flowers occupy center stage, recognizing that you only need to include a few (3-4 at most) to achieve the desired effect. Here, we use peony as our focal point. Break up the vase line by varying the heights of the larger flowers, having some spill over towards the bottom of the display. Try clustering astilbe (the pink, textured bloom resembling rosemary seen here) for dashes of color. Tuck in some thinner-stemmed flowers like ranunculus and jasmine, too. “Love in a Mist” (also known as Nigella) is perfect for creating a fresh, springy look. Pro tip: draping a vine over the edge adds a natural element to the display. This delicate placing and pairing of blooms will brighten up and energize any room. Many thanks to Natalie Bowen Designs for crafting this arrangement.