Rows of sun-loving arborvitae can be invaluable for hiding unattractive garden structures. But in a shaded section of a garden in Woodinville, Washington, they weren't vigorous enough to obscure a woodshed that fronts the main patio.

During a remodel of the garden, landscape designer Vi Kono came up with a clever solution: a two-dimensional fa├žade that doubles as a trellis. It supports a pair of climbing hydrangeas (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris), which will provide a dramatic show of white flowers in summer when the plants eventually cover the structure. Mature rhododendrons flanking the trellis liven it up in spring. At the center, a large glazed pot filled with perennials creates a focal point.

The structure is supported by five 4- by 4-inch posts anchored to concrete piers with metal straps. The latticework is made from cedar 2-by-2s, which aren't as likely to warp as thinner strips of lath.

DESIGN: Vi Kono, Creative Designs, Redmond, WA (425/868/3035)

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