A water feature freshens a Denver shade garden
Splashy Wall Fountain
Charles Mann
Hostas and ferns fringe a fountain projecting from a stone façade that hides the brick wall behind.

A two-level fountain adds a lively splash to the shady part of this Denver backyard. Water spouts from the mouth of a cast-stone ram’s head into a shell-like bowl before spilling into the crescent-shaped basin below. The fountain appears to extend from a 6-foot-tall dry-stacked stone wall. Actually, the stone is an artful façade that covers a conventional brick wall just behind. The landscaper applied mortar to the backs of native Colorado sandstone slabs so they would adhere to the bricks. Plumbing is concealed behind the stones, and a recirculating pump is submerged in the lower basin, which is about 20 inches deep.

A canopy of mature trees shades the area. Ferns, hostas, and bleeding hearts enjoy the cool conditions around the fountain.

DESIGN: Tom Beyer, Beyer Landscape Co., Lakewood, CO (303/238-2830)

INFO: Cast-stone fixtures from Kenneth Lynch & Sons, Wilton, CT (203/762-8363)


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