Halloween: Not Just for Pumpkins
Skull planter with air plant
In my home, Halloween is our royal holiday. We compete with our neighbors to be the scariest house, and we’ve even gone so far as having a fake, giant spider we affectionately dub ‘Fluffy’ swoop down on teenagers. Yes, it’s probably cruel to make 17-year-old boys scream like little girls, but what can I say… it’s a little bit fun too. While buying for our store, Potted, I realized that this love of the slightly twisted could also extend to my other love: plants!
Skull planters with cactus
These Skull Planters created by ceramic artist Michael McDowell are my faves for bringing a little macabre into my everyday life. In the first photo, that fuzzy Tectorum Air Plant looks just like a spider perched on top of the skull. You can also plant them with cacti or succulents.
Three baby head planters
From the same artist, these Baby Head Planters are also just odd enough to give you a little Halloween zing whenever you need it.
Close-up of baby head with air plant
Of course, don’t forget to #putanairplantonit.
Vintage Baby Body
Recently, we got these babies in. These Vintage Baby Bodies (with no arms!) were recovered from a warehouse fire in San Jose, California.  We’re not exactly sure how old they are, but their creepy factor is beyond fun.
Baby body with air plant
This one is on the counter above my kitchen sink. That is another Tectorum air plant on his head, and I’ve put several others around him. At night, he looks scary; during the day, he looks cute. Sometimes, I change the air plants around. When they need to be watered (about once a week), I just submerge them in my kitchen sink for about an hour.
Baby with skull in terrarium
You can also make a Halloween-themed terrarium. I put one of the Baby Bodies in with an old animal skull and a Xerographica air plant that reminds me of an octopus. Terrariums make pretty fantastic dioramas for any holiday, actually.
Planted pumpkin
And, if you absolutely must have a pumpkin for Halloween, you should try planting it. (Much like talented designer Linda Estrin has done here.) If you plant it at Halloween, it will probably last through Thanksgiving and make a fantastic centerpiece. Annette Gutierrez gave up the glamorous life of being a screenwriter to start an outdoor lifestyle store in Los Angeles with her best friend Mary Gray. It’s called Potted.
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