Use your harvested garden herbs to make stunning wall art that smells amazing and can later on be used for cooking

You’ve harvested a glut of garden herbs, and want to find more uses for them beyond cooking. This beautiful DIY decorating project helps you do just that! Extend the life of your garden herbs by crafting them into a garland decoration you can hang on a wall, door, or mantel (and still be able use them for cooking later on). Gather bunches of fresh herbs from your harvest; gently rinse and pat them dry. In addition, you’ll need a firm and large rosemary branch (we used one measuring two feet long), as well as clippers, twine, and floral paddle wire.  Tie the twine to the branch in a hanger shape.  Then cut three 12- to 15-inch lengths of twine. Gather small bundles of herbs and wrap with the floral wire to secure the bundles to the three lengths of twine. At the end of each length of twine, flip the final herb bundle in the opposite direction upon securing. Attach the herb-laden strands of twine to the rosemary branch and trim excess twine. Hang your garland decoration out of direct sunlight. The herbs will dry in seven to ten days. Keep the garland hanging throughout the season. It’ll continue to add a garden-fresh aroma to your home for up to six months, and the dried herbs can be crumbled for use in cooking once desired. Bonus!

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