The top-selling spring annual now in new colors

Sharon Cohoon,  – October 23, 2004

Nemesia is a top-selling spring annual ― and for good reason. Gardeners admire its easygoing nature and extended bloom period (it flowers nearly year-round in mild-winter, cool-summer climates). But until recently, the color range for nemesias was pretty much limited to blues, pinks, and whites.

Sunsatia, a line of nemesias to be introduced by Proven Winners this spring, performs as reliably as more familiar kinds, but its flowers come in sunnier shades, such as ‘Lemon’. Five others are ‘Banana’, ‘Cranberry’, ‘Coconut’, ‘Peach’, and ‘Pineapple’.

Sunsatia grows slightly less upright and a bit more cascading than standard nemesias. Its saturated colors show off well in pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Grow it in full sun in all but the hottest inland climates, where it should receive shade in the afternoon from trees or overhead shadecloth. Sunsatia nemesias are hardy to 20°.