Golden Zebra is a different kind of bloom

Jim McCausland,  – April 18, 2005

No wonder plant breeders keep developing new daylilies at such a rapid rate: They’re easy to grow, and they bloom on and on. But aside from flower color and plant size, there are few differences among these garden superstars. Hemerocallis ‘Golden Zebra’ is a delightful exception. For starters, gold-striped leaves set the plant apart. Compact size ― just 12 to 15 inches tall ― makes it a good candidate for a container. In the ground, it may eventually form clumps 18 inches tall and 2 feet wide. As for flowers, 3-inch-wide yellow blossoms appear over a long season, with heaviest bloom in midsummer.

Like many variegated plants, ‘Golden Zebra’ is subject to sunburn, so give it filtered shade in hot-summer climates. A deciduous perennial, it dies to the ground in winter. The plant is hardy to -20°. If you can’t find plants locally, order from Wayside Gardens, 800/845-1124.