3 best gardening and workwear pants for women
Photo by Annelise Jeske

Photo by Annelise Jeske

There’s nothing worse than squatting down to do pull some weeds and being mistaken for a plumber instead of a gardener, if you get my drift. Here are some of the tried-and-true, favorite work clothes of the garden team at Sunset. Best of all? They’re stylish.

Image from Red Ants Pants

1. Pants with protection

Think of  Red Ants Pants as something Indiana Jones would wear if he were a gardener—and a woman. Simply put, I feel like a boss when I wear these pants. They’ve got reinforcements on the front leg panel, and the seat—there’s no wearing holes into these babies. The front rise is just below the bellow button, but the back rise is higher, so no chance of indecent exposure. The Montana-based company makes their pants from canvas duck that softens up considerably over time. These are the pants I wear when I mean business.

2. Knee-savers

What if you could have guaranteed coverage in all the right places and removable kneepads? Look no further than Rosies. There are a lot of products in the Rosies line, but around these parts, we’re obsessed with the brighter-colored pink overalls. Our garden photo editor, Linda Peters, rocks the pink ones on most photo shoots (“The only crack you’ll see is the smile on my face,” she says). Here she is on a recent shoot at The Ruth Bancroft Garden, rocking her Rosies.  

Photo by Annelise Jeske

3. Coveted coveralls

And then there are these coveralls made by Handyma’am Goods. Truth be told, I haven’t tried them yet. They are on the wish list. Imagine how fabulously clean I could keep myself if I just slipped these on over whatever else I was wearing? Imagine how impossibly cool I’d look if I had a pair of these to call my own.

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