Photography by Jeffery Cross

There are plenty of days—most, I’d say—when it’s a good idea to go out for margaritas. Cinco de Mayo is not one of them.

Nino Padova  – September 26, 2017

A well-made margarita can be a thing of beauty, both sweet and sour and full of lively agave flavors. And mixing a great margarita at home is really, really easy. You don’t need a blender or a muddler or some fancy French liqueur you can’t pronounce. You don’t really even need salt, though I kind of like it.

The best recipe in my opinion comes from Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco. It consists of 100-percent-agave tequila (don’t settle for anything else), fresh lime juice, agave syrup, and ice.

Watch as the guys from Drink Inc. put it to the test.

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