Whoa -- check out this New York Times article about bugs being next on the foodie frontier.


And of course, the Bay Area gets a shout out -- we follow SF chef/artist Phil Ross throwing a gourmet grub event in Brooklyn.

The article traces the history of bugs being quite a normal part of cuisines around the world. I was glad to see chapulines mentioned. I gorged myself on these little, fried grasshoppers when I spent time in Oaxaca. The myth was that if you ate enough, you'd surely return. Anyone else fallen in love with those guys? YUM.

I've definitely eaten cutworms for gross-out effect, but I haven't ever incorporated bugs into my diet in a more sophisticated manner (well, there was Team Escargot).

Cutworm photo courtesy of the University of Minnesota 

  Hmm. I might have to start collecting bugs. Look out, Team Kitchen!!!


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